Under the Palms and Banana Trees

Hit the pause button, forget the snow and holiday season frenzy and come relax in the lush warmth of the Main Exhibition Greenhouse.

This year, the Garden invites you to enjoy a tropical experience! Under the palms and banana trees, come discover all kinds of exotic fruit, from mangoes to pineapples, passion fruit, lychees and more.

Do you remember the first time you tasted a lychee? Which is the “king of fruits”? Have you ever wrapped a gift in a banana leaf? Under the broad foliage of palms and banana trees, come learn some delicious facts about these plants from other parts of the world!

Palm and Banana Trees

Citrus reticulata
Photo: Espace pour la vie
(Lise Servant)

Palms and Banana Trees

Artocarpus heterophyllus
Photo: Espace pour la vie (Michel Tremblay)

Fruit From Afar

Guided activity

During the Under the Palms and Banana Trees exhibition, join a nature interpreter on a journey to discover some exotic fruit.

Where do pineapples grow? How does fruit ripen? Are there different varieties of bananas? What’s a jackfruit? Is eating fruit good for the planet?

Come find the answers to these fascinating questions in the luxurious atmosphere of the Main Exhibition Greenhouse, and stop by the Tropical Food Plants Greenhouse to check out some real trees that produce exotic fruit.


For more information and tickets, visit: www.espacepourlavie.ca/en   514-872-1400

Note: The Garden is closed on December 24 & 25, as well as Mondays except Monday, December 26 and January 2.

Main Exhibition Greenhouse
Botanical Garden
4101, rue Sherbrooke Est
Montreal, QC Canada
H1X 2B2

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