The Lost Fingers
Christmas Caravan

Ladies and gentlemen that time of year is here for a fun dose of Christmas Cheer! The Lost Fingers first ever, holiday opus, “The Christmas Caravan” was launched in early November 2016 and they invite you all to join in on this fun-filled, festive adventure! Join them as they present their creative, sophisticated and magical versions of your favourite Christmas classics.

By exercising remarkable musicianship, heavenly vocals and creative arrangements, along with a keen sense of humor and eccentric fashion, this quartet transforms pop/rock music classics performed in a Django gypsy jazz style with a hint of blue grass. This is a remarkable, high energy and fun show is designed for music lovers, pop-culture aficionados, and even conservative jazz experts.

The Lost Fingers have sold over 400,000 albums across the world and have a Canadian double-platinum selling “Lost in the 80′s” album. They’ve toured Canada coast to coast, and performed in over 22 different countries such as the US, Russia, France, Spain, Lithuania, Turkey, United Emirates, New Caledonia and Colombia to name a few.

The Christmas Caravan is a fiery, musical feast in which The Lost Fingers collaborated with 16 musicians and vocalists from around the globe. Bireli Lagrene, Cyrille Aimée, Robin Nolin and German Lopez, to name a few, lend their sublime talents to create a very colorful, harmonious world-music-influenced portrait. John Jorgenson, 8 time Grammy recipient, collaborator with big names like Elton John, Johnny Cash, Pavarotti, The Desert Rose Band, has honed his skills and talents to produce this eclectic, musical masterpiece! Sometimes he will join in on the “live” fun accompanying The Lost Fingers on all sorts of guitars, saxophone, clarinet, bouzouki, organ, mandolin and vocals.

The Christmas Caravan is full of surprises, so keep looking through that keyhole because you just never know who may show up!

For more information and tickets: 514-842-2112 or 1-866-842-2112

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