Ziggy Marley

After the release of his self-titled sixth studio album on May 20th, the artist embarked on a major North-American tour and is very excited to come back to Montreal to play for his fans.

Two years after releasing Fly Rasta, a critically acclaimed album that won him his seventh GRAMMY award for “Best Reggae Album” in 2015, Ziggy went one step further with this new self-titled album marked by maturity and spirituality. His timeless reggae beat still remains but we can truly notice an unprecedented desire to address a message to mankind:

“This is a continuation of the Fly Rasta ideology and philosophy. […] With my new record, I wanted to address my feelings about what’s happening in the world, how I see what I see, and solutions I have in mind. […] I’m not singing about my own struggle but that of the human family—which I feel a strong connection to.”

For more information and tickets, visit: www.olympiamontreal.com

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