Multimedia Stage Show presented by
China National Theater for Children and the Montreal Chinese Culture & Arts Foundation (MCCAF)

Three Monks

6 years-old +
Length:  80 minutes

For its Montreal show the Chinese Art Theater, dedicated to children, has chosen a traditional tale transmitted from one generation to the other, and adapted it with only a few elements giving the show its grace and strength.

Two mobile screens, a huge Tibetan bell, an oil lamp, a long bamboo stick, two wooden buckets are enough elements to carry you to a small Chinese temple hidden in the heart of the mountain, where an old Buddhist monk and his three disciples live. One of the disciples is mischievous and facetious; the other is on the plump side as he loves food, easily irritable and cranky, and he practices Kung fu; the third one is always reading scriptures and his head is very often in the clouds. To their master’s request, they describe their arrival to the temple and how very quickly fetching water became a big problem among the group, as each one of them was more interested in doing their own activities or nothing at all, instead of going for water expecting the others to do it for them. Until one day, the temple caught fire forcing the three disciples to fetch water together in order to save the monument.

Put together around what can be presented as a proverb (one monk can hold two buckets of water, two only one, and three none), this multimedia show composed with music, dance, acrobatics and martial arts is a delicate and entertaining denunciation of what selfishness and laziness can do in a world like ours.

For more information and tickets:   514-842-2112 or 1-866-842-2112