A co-production with Canadian Stage Company (Toronto)

Canadian English Language Premiere


Written by Nick Payne
Directed by Peter Hinton

A red hot hit in London’s West End and on Broadway!

Two people. Infinite possibilities. A fantastical journey to parallel worlds where Marianne, a physicist and Roland, a beekeeper, fall in love, over and over again, in a multitude of ways. Every choice they make has a different, life-altering outcome, questioning whether our lives are the result of free will or fate. A romantic, intimate, quantum mechanics comedy about love, friendship, destiny and honey!

“Mesmerizing and brilliant! Payne is one of the most dazzlingly gifted dramatists of a new generation—sharp, wise, funny, humane.” – Vogue
“Would that more plays were as compact and lively, as intellectually and emotionally stimulating as this one.”
– The Hollywood Reporter

“Who knew that higher physics could be so sexy, so accessible — and so emotionally devastating?”
– NY Times

The Centaur Theatre
453 St. François-Xavier

For tickets and information: www.centaurtheatre.com   514-288-3161

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