4th Edition MURAL Festival

An international public art festival bound to the celebration of creativity and the democratization of urban art, MURAL transforms Saint-Laurent Boulevard into a real open-air museum where local and international artists will unite their talents in the most creative manners.

The MURAL Festival, now recognized as the largest gathering of urban art in North America, continues to work on a pedestrian site, where access is entirely free. Adding to the already rich body of work, the twenty new murals produced this year will spread from the Quartier des Spectacles to the Mile End, bringing MURAL’s permanent public legacy to more than 60 major works.

The program is bold and daring and offers the public the opportunity to witness the making of murals in real time, to attend exclusive musical events and unique seminars, to enjoy outdoors exhibitions, various installations and sublime gastronomy, all of it in the streets during the 11 days of the festival.

Exciting new additions to the 2016 MURAL Festival – the creation of several temporary and semi-permanent original sculptural art installations; featuring artists Maser (Ireland), Pantone (Spain), Fafi (France), Stikki Peaches (Canada) and many others.

MURAL opens a portal to new artistic dimensions and unites the community around an authentic vision. Creativity and the visual arts await you!

For more information: www.muralfestival.com