Pandit Birju Maharaj

Kathak is a form of Indian classical dance that traces its origins to the nomadic bards of ancient northern India, known as “Kathakars” or storytellers. Its form today contains traces of temple and ritual dances, as well as Mughal, Persian and Central Asian influences and it is a complex dance form that combines virtuosic footwork and dazzling spins with subtle pantomime and soft gestures.

Aptly called the “King of Kathak”, Pandit Birju Maharaj is the epitome of Kathak who has brought about a renaissance in the dance form. Come watch a maestro set the stage on fire with his feet drumming up a beat on the floor while using his arms, head and eyes expressively. It will be a complete and magical evening of Kathak, showcasing the complex range of the dance form featuring the Living Legend, Birju Maharaj and troupe. Also performing at the event will be Saswati Sen, Pandit Birju Maharaj’s foremost disciple. An artist with immense versatility and talent, she has both the lyrical grace and the rhythmic virtuosity of her guru. Her forte is abhinaya, or expressive language, which has always received high appreciation.

An additional dynamic feature of the evening will be the brilliant performance of Montreal’s Sudeshna Maulik, one of the most promising Indian classical dancers of today. She established the Montreal Kathak Ensemble, a collective of talented dancers who are dedicated to propagating Indian dance in North America.

The prominent Kathak dancers from India and Canada will be accompanied by talented Indian musicians playing live to create an enchanting ambience. The traditional musical instruments, ghungroo bells worn on the ankles, and sharp sounds of precise footwork will all highlight the extraordinary effort of the dancers and leave the audience entranced!

For more information and tickets: 514-842-2112 or 1-866-842-2112

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