Opéra de Montréal presents

Les Feluettes

Playwright Michel Marc Bouchard / Composer Kevin March


In 1952, Monseigneur Jean Bilodeau, a bishop who, forty years earlier, had attended Roberval High School in Lac Saint-Jean, comes to hear what he believes will be the last confession of his old classmate Simon Doucet, who has been serving a prison sentence since 1912. To his great surprise, instead of hearing a dying man’s confession, he finds himself an unwilling spectator at a play—performed by a group of prisoners—depicting the events that led to Simon’s incarceration. Their goal: to get the bishop to confess his role in the death of Vallier de Tilly, Simon’s great love and the cause of his imprisonment. Who will make the CONFESSION that has been so long hoped-for?

A world premiere work of uncommon dramatic intensity by a dynamic duo—Quebec playwright Michel Marc Bouchard and Australian composer Kevin March—, featuring two rising stars trained at the Atelier lyrique de l’Opéra de Montréal: baritone Etienne Dupuis and tenor Jean-Michel Richer. Kevin March’s music subtly reflects the many facets of the libretto, allowing the orchestra to transport us beyond the prison setting to a lyrical world full of colour and emotion.

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A dynamic and “user-friendly” introduction to the performance. Hosted by musicologist Pierre Vachon, this get-together is like a journey into the heart of the work’s music and history, its libretto and its symbols, the production’s artists, etc.

• Language: in French with brief summary in English.
• Duration: 30 minutes
• Place: Piano Nobile, salle Wilfrid-Pelletier
• Time: 6:30 pm
• Cost: Free for subscribers; $5 for general public
• Tickets on sale at the Place des Arts Box Office
Anyone who wishes to attend the PreOpera talk must have a valid ticket for the opera performance on the same evening.

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