Festival TransAmériques

The FTA sparkles, rejoices, transports, surprises, inflames, fascinates, disturbs and explodes in Montreal from May 26 to June 8, 2016. The biggest contemporary dance and theatre festival in North America will present 25 shows from here and elsewhere, including 12 co-productions, 10 world premieres and 10 North American premieres, over 14 days in some fifteen cultural venues. For his second year at the helm of the FTA, artistic director Martin Faucher wanted to bring together artists who transform reality, sometimes into works of beauty, sometimes as cries of protest, yet always with the intention of shedding light on our world in bold new fashion.

“The FTA is anchored in a world beset by one economic, religious, migratory, social, identity, sexual or environmental crisis after another, such that they constitute ongoing, endless turmoil. The Festival is an incredible forum that invites artists and audience to experience the power of the art of the body, the art of words and ideas, a way of reconsidering the world and indeed, perhaps changing it.” -Martin Faucher, Artistic Director

10th edition of Festival TransAmériques
Over 30 years ago in the spring of 1985, the Festival de thâtre des Amériques began its fascinating journey, one that from the outset placed the works of audacious artists front and centre. In a spirited, passionate gesture, in 2007 the Festival TransAmériques burst into being, combining within a single annual festival works of contemporary dance and theatre by artists from all over the world.

The mission of an event like the FTA is never-ending and is constantly being reinvented, and therein lies its strength. Let this 10th edition of the Festival TransAmériques — a perfect combination of exceptional, talented artists and performers to discover without fail — serve as a springboard for new decades of artistic creation.

For tickets and the full schedule of events visit: www.fta.ca  514-844-3822  or   1-866-984-3822

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