The 23rd edition of the Mondial de la bière, America’s most prominent international beer festival!

The Mondial de la bière is the perfect spot to satisfy the inquisitive, and also every beer lover, beginner, epicure, up to the finest connoisseurs!

The Mondial de la Bière in Numbers
• More than 190,000 visitors expected!
• 586 products available (beers, meads, ciders…) including 536 beers
• 282 new beers — never presented at the Mondial de la bière!
• 104 (breweries, cideries and others) with 40 breweries from Quebec
• 18 food pavilions
• 5 day-festival when Montreal becomes Beer Central!

• Two kiosks to regroup the beers imported by the Mondial de la bière: Pub des Amériques (Brazil, Canada and the United States) and Pub du Monde (Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Norway)
• Educative animation: MBeer School of beerology, kiosk #932 Beer served along with a brief education about beer given by the school’s director Marilou Caty as well as renowned teachers. Book signing with Élisabeth Pierre and multiple authors.
• Cheese Boutique: tasting and sale. Cheese-makers invited by les Producteurs de lait du Québec
• Publications: Mondial de la bière. —13th edition of Quebec’s Beer Trek map—bilingual
• Food kiosks: European sandwiches, panini style sandwiches with deer meat, boar hamburgers, deer appetizers, brochettes, sausages on a stick; fries and poutines; gourmet Bavarian pretzels; grilled cheeses on a stick; quiches and assortment of breads; sucre à la crème; 50 flavors of fudge and nougat; bison and boar meat on a stick; Haitian food; pulled pork; smoked beef brisket; cured meats, etc.

The Mondial de la bière is a unique tasting festival based on learning, taste, sharing and responsible consumption. It differs from other festivals with its exclusive offer of international beers, the presence of  important players of the world’s beer industry, as well as the strong presence of the Quebec’s beer industry.

Date: June 8-12,2016
* New schedule: Wednesday and Thursday from 3 P.M. to 11 P.M.
Friday and Saturday from 11:30 A.M. to 11 P.M.
Sunday from 11:30 A.M. to 6:30 P.M.
Place: Palais des Congrès (exterior terrace on the Esplanade) 201, rue Viger Ouest
Admission: Free
Transportation: Place-d’Armes metro station
Tasting: $1.00 per tasting coupon
Cost: 2 coupons and up per tasting
Quantity: 2 ounces per tasting
Glass: The souvenir glass is designed to accommodate 2 to 8-oz. samples per tasting.

festival mondial de la BièreAbout the Festival
The Mondial de la bière was founded in Montreal in 1994 by three beer lovers including Jeannine Marois, president of the event since 2002. A unique and friendly tasting event, it is considered a doorway to the brewing industry in Quebec and around the world. In addition to its professional side, enriched by the Mbeer conference, the Mbeer school of bierology and the Greg Noonan Mbeer Contest, the festival offers visitors an education about beer. Over the years, it has become the most important international beer festival in America and its reputation extends worldwide.

For more information please visit:   514-722-9640

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