Michael Kaeshammer

Renowned for his irresistible blend of passion and charm, technical prowess and flamboyant virtuosity

An introduction to the boogie-woogie at 13 left a lasting impression on this German-born pianist. Since moving to Canada 1996, Kaeshammer has released a handful of critically acclaimed recordings with some big names in Canadian jazz. At the turn of the century, he attained star status, performing before sold-out audiences in Europe and the United States. As well as an impressive technical dexterity, he brings a sense of humour and a warm style to the stage. With Kaeshammer, virtuosity and charisma come together to create a compelling blend of jazz pop, funk and blues.

Now, the boogie-woogie pro is headed our way to present The Pianist, the first solo release in a career that numbers 10 albums and 2 Junos, at once proving that he is as capable of passion as finesse, with a more stripped down, intimate sound that remains as impeccably masterful. Resistance is futile!

For tickets and information: www.lestudiotd.com or 1-855-790-1245


Maison du Festival Rio Tinto Alcan
305 Ste. Catherine Street W., Montréal, Québec, H2X 2A3

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