Isabella Rossellini – Bestiaire d’amour

Inspired by the Green Porno series

Show presented in French

Isabella RosselliniWho invented sex? Why? How?

Isabella Rossellini and Jean-Claude Carrière try to answer those questions observing the natural world from pachyderms to bugs. How surprising! How bizarre!

This funny, impish, scientifically-factual “conference” written by Jean-Claude Carrière and played by Isabella Rossellini, is sometimes interrupted by two-minute movies where Isabella herself interprets a fly, a duck, an insect…

“I have always loved animals. I am particularly fascinated by the diversity in nature. When my carrier evolved to include writing and directing films, biology became my main source of inspiration. Encouraged by actor-filmmaker Robert Redford who is tremendously supportive of experimental, independent films and also very interested in Nature, I made short comical films about animals: “Green Porno” is about animal reproduction, “Seduce Me” about different courtship strategies and “Mammas” about differed ways among animals of being mothers.”

“How can we ever be bored? Indeed, biology is the greatest show on Earth”. Isabella Rossellini.

With an irresistible humor, Isabella Rossellini reveals the surprising truth of animal sexuality.

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