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two couples. a girl.
fresh air. eat local. compost.
surely happiness?

The road to happiness is bumpy, full of tricky twists and unexpected turns. One random event can change everything.
A celebration in the country becomes a day of soul searching for two couples and a mysterious young woman as they examine their relationships with each other and themselves.

Written by Alexandria Haber
Directed by Alain Goulem
With Stefanie Buxton, Trevor Hayes, Emelia Hellman, Carlo Mestroni, and Leni Parker

Centaur Theatre proudly presents as its first play of 2016,  the world premiere of On This Day, written by Montreal playwright Alexandria Haber. Ms. Haber’s works have previously graced the Centaur stage in the Wildside Festival (Life Here After), Urban Tales (Tom Waits) and Brave New Looks (Four Minutes If You Bleed). This event marks her first mainstage production for the company.

SARAH: Anxiety is in. Everyone is on Beta blockers and Valium.

In this disarming comedy-drama, a couple driving to a birthday party hit a young woman who comes out of nowhere. Or did they? A celebration in the country becomes a day of soul searching and revelation for two couples and the mysterious young woman as they examine their relationships with each other and themselves in the pursuit of

CELIA: Unhappiness is the biggest disease of the 21st century. And as it turns out, Clive, organic vegetables can’t prevent it.

Roy Surette, Centaur Theatre’s Executive and Artistic Director said, “I couldn’t be more pleased to have one of Alexandria Haber’s plays as part of our season. Her script is probing and witty, making no apologies for its blatant honesty. Global warming, marital infidelity, organic vegetables, actually listening to your partner… Ms. Haber has captured the challenges of living and loving in the 21st century so perfectly that audiences are bound to see a piece of themselves in each of her beautifully crafted characters, brought to life by a terrific cast. Ms. Haber has given us a bit of a mystery and much to ponder in this compelling and timely story.”

CLIVE: You choose what you are going to pay attention to. You choose
what matters.

The idea for the play came from a random image Ms. Haber had of a girl walking into the path of an oncoming car and asking: “why someone would do such a thing”. She wrote the scene years ago and then put it away, but when she was invited to Toronto’s Tarragon Theatre writers’ unit, she needed a new completed work. On This Day is the result. Ms. Haber expanded: “One of the themes I’m exploring with this play is the Production Sponsor definition of happiness. How do we define it? How do we hold onto it? How important is it to be happy? At what cost to others would you be willing to pursue your own happiness?”

HENRY: … what might very well be the enlightened and happy choice for me may have the exact opposite effect on someone else.

SUNDAY CHAT-UP in Collaboration with Montreal Gazette: Real life couple playwright Alexandria Haber and director Alain Goulem join Lucinda Chodan, Montreal Gazette’s editor in chief as they talk about their creative processes, working together, and the art of letting go. FREE admission.  Sunday, March 6 at 12:30PM

TALK BACKS: After the Thursday February 25 evening and the Sunday February 28 Matinee performances.


Previews: February 9 & 10 8:00 PM
Opening: February 11 8:00 PM
Evenings: Tuesday through Saturday 8:00 PM
Matinées: Saturdays and Sundays 2:00 PM
Wednesday February 24 1:00 PM
Wednesday March 2 1:00 PM
Closing: March 6 2:00 PM

The Centaur Theatre
453 St. François-Xavier

For tickets and information: www.centaurtheatre.com   514-288-3161

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