The legend returns after a decade for a Spectacular Performance!

Iranian singer, Ebrahim Hamedi is known as “Ebi” to his millions of fans across the world. His powerful voice has propelled him throughout his 50 year career. A career that has spanned over 30 albums, almost 100 singles and sold out shows worldwide. Since the Islamic revolution, Ebi’s music has been illegal to play in Iran, but his fan base has continually grown both inside and outside of his birth country.

His 2015 World Tour, “Jane Javani,” based on his mega hit album by the same name, has been selling out venues around the world, finally arriving to Montreal to perform another masterpiece of the World Tour. This concert, and production is unlike anything you’ve ever witnessed before.

Ebi’s command of the stage and electric performance never leaves any doubt to why he’s called the King of Persian Pop. His almost three hour show, a spectacular mix of his new and classic hits, radiates pure energy, with his always present emotional connection to his audience.

For tickets and information: theatrestdenis.com  514-849-4211