Sweet ChristmasCelebrate the magic of Christmas!

Vanilla, mint, liquorice… Did you know that all those flavours come from plants and, without them, we wouldn’t have any candy?

The Botanical Garden promises a sweet holiday season, with an original stroll through some grandiose and fascinating plant curiosities. Wander past the giant candy floss and marvel at these horticultural creations evoking the colourful world of confectionery and its tasty treats.

Sweet ChristmasCome on a flavourful journey through the land of sugar-producing and confectionery plants, in a fantastic and oversized environment that naturally includes some traditional holiday plant favourites.

Please note: The Botanical Garden is closed on December 24 and 25 and Mondays except December 28.

For more information (including schedule times and rates) or to visit the online ticket office:  www.espacepourlavie.ca/en