For nearly two decades, Sun Youth has been delivering food to people who otherwise would not be able to obtain it. The program was designed to meet emergency food needs of people facing reduced mobility and social isolation who are referred by a health professional. Federation CJA recently confirmed a donation that will help maintain and expand Sun Youth’s home delivery food program.

Thanks to Federation CJA‘s generous donation of $33,000 per year (a commitment of $99,000), Sun Youth will continue to meet the emergency needs of its beneficiaries for at least three more years. Many of the people assisted are low income seniors who are physically unable to make the trip to Sun Youth to receive food supplies. A decrease in one’s mobility is a difficult challenge in itself which can only be amplified if one is facing that challenge alone.

Sun Youth is pleased to be recognized by Federation CJA as a vital organization with respect to the assistance provided to vulnerable people in Montreal. Driving force of the Montreal Jewish community for nearly a century, and in partnership with a network of agencies and organizations, Federation CJA supports the community by exercising leadership, by raising and distributing funds to support the delivery of priority services and programs that help vulnerable people, that represent and defend community interests and have a positive impact on issues of society as a whole.

Senior Planning Associate at Federation CJA, Sharon Bitensky, signing a three-year agreement with Sun Youth’s Assistant Executive Vice-President and Director of Emergency Services & Communications, Tommy Kulczyk. Photo: Joseph Munro.

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