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2015 Emerging Choreographers

Springboard Danse Montréal connects hand-selected, elite performers with influential and renowned companies and choreographers from around the world in Montreal. Springboard aids the professional dancer at various stages of their career by providing the skills necessary to transition between school and a first job, by developing broader career opportunities, and by enriching an already burgeoning career with new contacts and exposure. In addition, the project facilitates current and future artistic endeavors between countless dancers and choreographers by nurturing an invaluable network of professional peers. Each company that participates in this unique project is in the position to collaborate with, and potentially hire, the highest caliber of dance artist available. As such, Springboard’s unique value proposition lies in the artistic expertise of its dedicated and experienced faculty in addition to its mentorship opportunities, creating a true ecosystem and global network of artistic peers over a lifetime.


Choreographed and danced by Banning Bouldin & Ana Maria Lucaciu
Music: E-minor Variations, composed and played by Lev LJOVA Zhurbin
Produced and premiered by New Dialect on August 21, 2014 at OZ Nashville
Length: 12 min

Choreographed and danced by Evangelos Poulinas
Music: This Picture of Us by Max Richter, Coal Black Horses by Sixteen Horse Power
Premiered by: Eleftheri Ptosi Dance Company
Length: 7 min

Ugly Hero
Choreography: Hanna Kiel
Dancers: Kelly Shaw and Andrew McCormack
Music: Ólafur Arnalds
Length: 7 min
Ugly Hero is an excerpt from the full-length work called “Armband” which will premiere in Toronto this November.

Two solitudes
Choreographed and danced by Colleen Snell and Philippe Poirier
Music: Recorded Skype conversation
Length: 6 min
Two solitudes began on Skype when a terrible Internet connection made it impossible to communicate. The dancers were discussing ways of moving together (in and discovered they could not have been more far apart. This conversation was recorded, manipulated, and eventually became the soundtrack for the work. Two solitudes encompasses both the loneliness of being together and the occasionally humorous challenge of communicating. The relationship explored in Two solitudes is a microcosm of the Canadian identity; it is an improvised conversation where movement sometimes betrays a much deeper subtext.

Within Reach (excerpt)
Choreography: Yin Yue
Dancer: Yin Yue
Music: Murcof
Length: 5 min

At the Bottom of the Water / The Heart is Heard More Clearly
Choreography: LoudHoundMovement
Dancer: Brendan Duggan
Music: Hans Otte
Length: 7 min

Possible Existence (Work in Progress)
Choreography: Heather Myers in collaboration with Béatrice Larrivée
Dancer: Béatrice Larrivée
Music: Nikola Tosic
Length: 6 min
This presentation represents the early phases of considering how dance can investigate the multi-dimensional nature of our universe(s). In this particular process we are researching the possibilities of what happens when our heroine, Béatrice, goes through some usual activities under unusual conditions. She dares to disregard the usual laws of time and space, tumbling through and then catching herself in various configurations of being. She allows for everyday actions to be doorways to the extraordinary. By releasing assumptions at any given moment, I hope that the imagination of the “impossible” becomes possible. I also ask the question: As witnesses to the performer’s ventures, are we collaborators in bringing these “impossibilities” into existence?

All dance pieces will be presented between 12 pm and 1 pm.

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