This is Tango Now

IDENTIDAD TANGO: A tale in dance celebrating identity, freedom and passion.

Midnight – the word alone conjures up images of excitement about endless possibilities as well as fear of the unknown that looms about. It takes a brave soul to face the darkness and venture out to where the Old ends and the New begins. The sound of midnight is the tortured wail of the bandoneón, the virgin voice of the violin, the thunderclap of the piano and the vibrant pulse of the double bass – the sound of midnight is Tango.

The Marionette and her Puppeteer are trapped in a relationship of interdependent domination and submission of mind and spirit. The strings that connect their bodies bind their souls in a futile struggle for domination and power until – the zero hour brings the Duende, incarnate spirit of passion and change. He persuades the Marionette to undo her ties and leave behind a life of manipulation and second hand dreams. Her new found courage and curiosity let her uncover her true identity and boldly venture out to claim the life of passion and freedom she desires.

This is Tango Now“IDENTIDAD” is filled with light and color; with movement and energy. Passion and emotions conveyed with the music of the most famous maestros of Argentine tango: Osvaldo Pugliese and Astor Piazzolla. Dancers and musicians make you dream a journey of love and passion.

For tickets and information:    514-842-2112 or 1-866-842-2112