The Montréal Space for Life invites you to the 18th edition of Butterflies Go Free, where the main exhibition greenhouse of the Botanical Garden hosts a veritable ballet of softly shimmering colours. As you stroll through the space you can admire these splendid creatures – if you’re lucky, one might even land on you. Youngsters are sure to have stars in their eyes as they follow the butterflies’ aerial ballet, while their parents will enjoy observing them up close, like photographer Linden Gledhill, and admiring the intricate details of their scales. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to stroll around in the warmth and fully enjoy the up-close contact while immersed in this fragile and intriguing universe.

Mysterious chrysalises

papillons 2015

Between the caterpillar and the butterfly stages comes that of the enigmatic chrysalis, which still harbours many secrets, even for scientists. In nature, the chrysalises are all but invisible. Immobile and vulnerable, they are camouflaged out of sight.  These shelters, some translucent, some draped in silk, conceal the secrets of the butterflies’ metamorphosis with a seeming immobility behind which life is very active indeed. At Butterflies Go Free, visitors can observe a hundred chrysalises up close, at their own pace and who knows… maybe even witness a butterfly emerge! Thanks to experienced nature interpreters from the Insectarium, both adults and children can better appreciate the extraordinary variety of chrysalises and learn a bit more about this amazing scientific mystery. The metamorphosis of the butterfly, a fascinating phenomenon that proceeds at its own rhythm, is a symbol of physical or spiritual transformation for many peoples. While the slow and patient rhythm stands in contrast to the hectic pace of our own lives, it is one that nature fosters.

Butterflies Go Free, in figures

•    Over 20,000 butterflies are released over the course of the event.
•    Over 2,000 butterflies are present at any one time.
•    Approximately 85 butterfly species from eight different countries.

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