The Botanical Garden Christmas Fair

The Garden’s Christmas Fair is a smorgasbord of gardening, food and green gifts of all kinds.
Over twenty exhibitors will be offering a wide range of items from plants to jewellery and tastefully recycled clothing. You’ll also find wooden toys, essential oils, soap and lots of gourmet fare (honey, blueberries, recipes in pots and more). Lots of trendy gift ideas for your family and friends. Why not treat yourself, too?

9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on

[one_half]Friday, December 5
Saturday, December 6
Sunday, December 7[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Friday, December 12
Saturday, December 13
Sunday, December 14 [/one_half_last]


For more information:     514-872-1400

List of exhibitors – Christmas Fair 2014

À fleur de pot
This organic garlic producer offers a tasty range of handcrafted, gluten-free food items (vinaigrettes, butters, pesto, seasoning mixes).

Les Amis du Jardin botanique
The Friends of the Montréal Botanical Garden is an organization dedicated to popular education with a view to deepening understanding and spreading knowledge of horticulture and of natural, botanical and environmental sciences. They organize a range of activities throughout the year, and they have published the magazine Quatre-Temps for over 30 years.

L’Antre-Pots (December 12, 13, 14 only)
L’Antre-Pots brings a taste of Provence to a small craft shop in the heart of the village of Oka, offering delightful terracotta pottery for the garden and the kitchen.

Aquaovo (December 5, 6, 7 only)
AQUAOVO is a Montréal company offering a range of reusable water bottles with filtration systems, designed for both urban travellers and off-trail outdoor enthusiasts.

L’Association des retraités du Jardin botanique
The ARJBM supports the Montréal Botanical Garden in its cultural, educational and scientific mission. Its members offer their expertise in beautification, landscaping and horticultural production.

Les Ateliers d’Antoine
Les Ateliers d’Antoine helps people with social adaptation difficulties integrate or reintegrate the job market. They offer wooden chopping boards, wine racks, lazy Susans, toy chests and many more wooden objects.

Cercles de fermières du Québec, Fédération 13
The CFQ is an independent, non-political, non-profit organization bringing together women from both rural and urban settings and of all social spheres. It seeks to improve the living conditions of women and families and to pass on cultural heritage and traditional crafts.

Claudéco (December 12, 13, 14 only)
Claudéco creates jewellery, nightlights and coasters from new and recycled materials (ceramic, stained glass, slate, stone, feathers), along with eyeglass holders, stained glass decorations for screen doors and windows, cedar sachets and cupcakes!

Herboristerie Terra Madre
Herboristerie Terra Madre is dedicated to the small-scale production of natural culinary, therapeutic and body care products made from plants grown in the herbalist’s own garden, plus essential oils and minerals with no synthetic ingredients.

Les Herbes aux soins
Traditional, natural herbal cosmetic and therapeutic products (Escargot naturellement enfant collection, Reflet d’iris line of chic cosmetics, and the Aisselle donc ça! and Déo écolo lines.)

Les Huiles essentielles Tomassini
Quebec-made essential oils, soap and essential oil diffusers.

Incorrigibles (December 12, 13, 14 only)
Les Incorrigibles offer 100% Quebec-made seasonal clothing and accessories using new and recycled materials (skirts, dresses, sweaters, tank tops, bustiers, tuques, scarves, gloves, bags, etc.). They also sell jewellery made from recycled materials and/or pottery to complement the textile collection.

Miel Morand
Miel Morand produces honey and creates fine honey-based products: salad dressing, caramel, chocolate, port jelly, onion confit, chutney, mustard and more.

L’Or de l’Italie
Organic products made by small producers: extra-virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, olives, artichokes, dried tomatoes, roasted zucchini and eggplant in olive oil (gift sets).

Le Paradis des orchidées (December 5, 6, 7 only)
Le Paradis des Orchidées is the largest orchid producer in eastern Canada. These orchids are cultivated using certified organic fertilization methods, with no synthetic pesticides.

Pots de folie
Pots de Folie offers ready-to-make, pre-measured recipes: healthy, yummy homemade breads, soups and cakes!

Sacsdesacs (December 5, 6, 7 only)
Bags in every shape and size, Christmas stockings, wine bottle gift bags and gaiters, all made from recycled fur, leather and/or wool.

Saveurs Cao
Maison Cao has been producing excellent chocolates and biscotti since 2001 – a world of flavours, sensations and pleasures.

Scarabée vert (December 5, 6, 7 only)
Scarabée vert sells jewellery and accessories hand-crafted out of fossils, gemstones, ceramic, wood, crystal and fibre (wool, silk, leather, etc.). Unique pieces. Some materials are reused or recycled.

Terrarium Obsessarium (December 12, 13, 14 only)
Terrarium Obsessarium offers a range of handmade glass terrariums and hanging and table lamps.

Töri Créations
Lamps, origami and other delights, all made from Japanese paper (notebooks, mobiles, Christmas ornaments).

Montreal Botanical Garden
4101 Sherbrooke Street East, Montréal 

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