Dear Montrealers, Real Estate Brokers have been hoping for a turn around in the market following the elections. The reality is that since the end of 2012 confidence has been sucked from the market and buyers have been extra cautious. Slowly, the confidence will come back for buyers and they should be more active in the upcoming months. With the exception of Montreal West, we have noticed an increase in number of homes sold as well as an increase in average selling price.

Over the past few years, the Montreal West Market has been more and more active during the fall months; we have also experienced many visits and purchases during the summer months. As an example, last year we had sold 17 properties at the of the spring market and ended the year with 42 sales in total.

Let’s look into the Westmount Market for a moment; the number of sales to date this year has increased slightly, from 76 last year to 78 this year which represents an increase of 2.6%. Average selling price is also up by 9.2%.

NDG is doing quite well also; with 95 properties sold versus 80 last year representing a 19% increase and a 3.5% increase in average selling price. The new MUHC, Vendome Metro and Train Station have helped, making Westmount Adjacent Properties in NDG very desirable. I currently have a beautiful home listed on Vendome for anyone looking for a solid investment and beautiful home to live in.

In short the Market has seen an improvement since the Election earlier this year, and it should only get better from here on out. Montreal West has been a little slower, but we are expecting an increase in the summer and fall Markets. Please call me for an evaluation if you are interested in Selling or if you are beginning a search for your next home. My main areas of business are Westmount, NDG, and Montreal West. Philip Clement 514-708-4056

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