Marie-Antoinette, a sweeping narrative ballet about the life and death of the French queen Marie Antoinette, performed by the visiting Houston Ballet company. Featuring sumptuous costumes and regal sets by Canadian designer Kandis Cook, the ballet charts the progression of Marie Antoinette from innocent child bride to frivolous royal fashionista to ruined queen, with energy, richly choreographed gestures and a contemplative score by Shostakovich. The ballet opens with the young, vivacious Marie being stripped of her Austrian clothes and redressed in the French style; from there, it evocatively follows how she eventually grows into the tender wife and loving mother who finally accepts the kiss from Madame Guillotine.

“I was intrigued to learn that Marie-Antoinette wasn’t as superficial as she is often portrayed. All the intense gossip and scrutiny of the queen’s life mirrors our society: how we become fixated on some pretty girl and how through gossip and tabloids, we create a distorted image of someone.” – Stanton Welch, choreographer


For tickets and information: www.laplacedesarts.com  514-842-2112 or 1-866-842-2112

Please note:  The duration and content of this show may be inappropriate for younger audiences. Dim lighting and occasional loud noises may frighten certain children.

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