2 Pianos 4 Hands

From Chopsticks to Bach: a quest for greatness.

Written by Ted Dykstra & Richard Greenblatt
Starring Reza Jacobs & Bryce Kulak
Directed by Richard Greenblatt

Two wunderkinds work tirelessly toward concert pianist stardom. They endure hours of practice, cut-throat competitions and pressure from teachers and pushy parents. As years of sacrifice and learning the art of playing the piano unfold on stage, they come to the sobering realization that becoming the next Glenn Gould or Vladimir Horowitz may be out of their reach. The two actors/pianists portray an impressive and often hilarious range of characters and perform pieces by classical, pop and jazz legends, mesmerizing audiences with their piano wizardry.

The international smash hit 2 Pianos 4 Hands returns to Montreal.

Surtitres français tous les mercredis et vendredis à 20h

A crescendo of pleasure…
– Washington Post

A rare jewel of real entertainment…
– Daily Mail

Magical! Laugh-Out-Loud Funny! Poignant! Perfection!
– The Globe & Mail

For tickets and information: www.centaurtheatre.com or 514-288-3161

A Marquis Entertainment Production

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