Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan

Songs of the Wanderers

Under the artistic director of choreographer Lin Hwai-min, the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan presents Songs of the Wanderers. Acclaimed in more than 20 countries since its inception in 1994, Songs of the Wanderers  features a group of pilgrims who, to the sounds of sublime Georgian folk songs, travel through landscapes created by grains of golden rice that fall onstage throughout the performance and onto the shaved head of a motionless monk. An amazing visual hymn to spiritual pilgrimage, Songs of the Wanderers creates a world of intense veneration, whose evocative power is universal despite its purely Oriental imagery. A grand moment of grace and an unforgettable experience.

“In all my life I have never seen an audience so enthralled, so hypnotized by the beauty and the spirituality of a performance that they remained standing for 25 minutes, in a most religious silence after the final curtain, watching a man, alone onstage, meticulously trace some twenty perfectly concentric circles in the golden sand that covered the stage.” (Le Figaro, Paris) 

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For tickets and information: 514-842-2112 or 1-866-842-2112

Photo © Yu Hui-hung. Interprète Wu Chun-hsien.

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