4000 miles

Learning the art of growing up and growing old…

After completing a cross-country bike trip, Leo visits his lefty, 91 year-old grandmother in Greenwich Village and stays for a while. They have great affection for each other but the unlikely roommates start to bicker and berate each other in an Odd Couple kind of way. Both are at painful crossroads in their lives. The prickly Vera is grappling with the realities of life in her senior years and Leo is wrestling with a family crisis and the haunting memory of a tragic accident. Not to mention a girlfriend who rebuffs him even though he’s crossed the country to woo her. 4000 Miles is a funny and moving play that dignifies old age and illuminates the healing power of companionship and inter-generational relationships.

By Amy Herzog
Directed by Roy Surette

A heartening reminder that a keen focus on life’s small moments can pay off in a big way onstage.
– The New York Times

4000 Miles is the sort of rich, satisfying play you should take your grandmother to – especially if she’s as smart and fierce as Vera.
– Time Out, New York

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