The Revenge of Prince Zidan –

A Chinese Interpretation of Hamlet

A unique opportunity to see an iconic work of Western theatre—Shakespeare’s Hamlet—performed in Peking Opera style, by the Shanghai Jingju Company. This high calibre troupe has performed at such prestigious venues as the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland.

One of China’s most impressive forms of traditional art, Peking Opera elegantly combines theatre, elaborate costumes and makeup, acrobatic dance, and music performed on traditional Chinese instruments. Some thirty artists will appear on stage: musicians, actors, and acrobats. Staging strictly adheres to the aesthetic rules of Chinese drama, with very graceful movements that are more symbolic than realistic.

The company will also be giving workshops and talks to further our knowledge of this highly unique art form: makeup, acrobatics, etc.

For more information and tickets: 514-842-2112 or 1-866-842-2112