A spirited and moving tribute.
Truth emerges from the darkness of war.

Penned by David Fennario, the renowned author of Balconville, Motherhouse is a powerful drama that gives a voice to the disillusioned working class women employed at the British Munitions Factory in Verdun, Quebec during World War I. With tensions running high across the country over conscription and linguistic and religious issues, dedicated mothers, wives, sisters and sweethearts assemble artillery shells to support the war effort and inadvertently find themselves assembled to bring about change. This munitions manufacturer employed over 4,000 women, including Fennario’s mother. Tragically, the city of Verdun sacrificed more soldiers to both World Wars than any other place in Canada.

Our men die abroad and our children starve because of the war profiteers. I’ve lost every relative except one.
– Rose Henderson, Montreal Star July 14, 1917

When a final analysis is made of 20th-century Canadian theatre, the most significant political playwright will undoubtedly be David Fennario.
– Canadian Book Review

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