Sonya Labonté, a Canadian doctor working in Bhopal, India has incriminating evidence that a pesticide company is polluting the environment and causing deformities in babies. The Indian government orders her to stop her research or face deportation. Will Labonté give in or continue her search for justice?

In 1984, Union Carbide’s pesticide plant exploded, engulfing two-thirds of the city of Bhopal, India, in a poisonous cloud. By the end of the night, the death toll was 2,600… by the end of the week, 6,000. The Bhopal disaster claimed over 25,000 lives and currently affects nearly 500,000 people with neurological and respiratory sickness, birth defects, disability and malformation among children.

Commemorating the 30th anniversary of the worst industrial disaster the world has ever seen, Teesri Duniya Theatre presents Rahul Varma’s play Bhopal. Directed by Liz Valdez, choreography by world renowned dance theatre artist, Aparna Sindhoor, live music by Baba Alex, and featuring an extraordinary multi-cultural cast.

 When human life is sacrificed for profit, there must be justice

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