For many Montrealers, the Christmas Season begins with the Montreal Jubilation Choir’s annual concert in early December. Founded by Dr. Trevor Payne in 1982, the award-winning choir has consistently brought joy and inspiration to its members and audiences at home and abroad. In addition to the choir’s trademark gospel music, this year’s program will introduce some new faces and voices to the evening’s celebration.

The Jubilation Choir will be performing in L’Opera de Montreal’s production of Porgy and Bess in late January, and opera singers Chantal Nurse and Yves-Aime Pierre will be performing with the choir.  Ms. Nurse has a starring role in the production, and Montreal audiences will soon appreciate the powerful voice of Yves-Aime Pierre.

Colin Hunter founded Sunwing, but never lost his passion for singing. Trevor has invited the businessman and crooner to share the stage, and he will perform with the 40 plus member Jubilation Choir. I’ve attended several of Colin’s big band concerts; and he is a solid performer with a strong voice. His interpretation of the classics from The American Songbook are right on the mark in the style of Frank Sinatra. He’ll sing with the choir; and with Trevor Payne’s expertise in arranging music for live performance; Colin and the Jubilation Choir will undoubtedly turn in a crowd-pleasing performance. Cafe

Gospel Celebration promises to be a fine start to the Christmas Season on Sunday, December 1 at Salle Wilfrid Pelletier in Place des Arts.

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