Spanish flamenco star Maria Serrano catapults Prosper Mérimée’s story and Georges Bizet’s music into modern day, staging the fiery gypsy tale in a Seville pounded by the financial crisis. Fourteen world-class musicians and dancers convey a daring, dangerous world suffused with passion, pride and jealousy; Serrano performs the role of a lifetime as a doomed heroine caught between two men and a desire for freedom above all else.

Maria Serrano adapts the great and timeless themes and melodies of the classical piece and turns them into a 90-minute flamenco dance show full of passion, pride, sensuality and power. The choreographies and the music are deeply rooted in the traditions of flamenco but at the same time very modern. Maria Serrano introduces elements of musical, theatre and cinema and takes flamenco to another level.

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