Exporail, the Canadian Railway Museum will be serving tea to visitors (aged 13 and over) aboard a luxurious business car, on exhibit in the Grand Gallery of the Angus Pavilion, which once belonged to Charles Melville Hays (1856-1912) the President of the Grand Trunk Railway. Seating is limited and this special one and a half hour activity is available by reservation only. After a brief tour of the car brimming with anecdotes, visitors will be seated for tea at one of two tables (for 4 or for 5) and have the privilege of indulging in delicious homemade pastries similar to those once served during the Holiday season aboard the CN dining cars at the turn of the century.

This will take place december 15 and 16 at 11am or 2:30pm.
For reservation and information: 450 638-1522 ext. 231

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