Montreal-area entrepreneurs use wireless video technology to bring families and business executives together when travel is not possible

Tim Taylor and his business partner have identified a market niche for internet wireless broadcast technology that has already demonstrated strong acceptance for several applications. While they initially imagined their service would be in demand for weddings, they have since discovered that live internet broadcasting has stimulated the imaginations of Public relations agencies and corporate communications. They have even broadcast funeral services.

Tim recently explained the service offered by Its Happening Right Now. “Essentially what we offer looks very similar to a videographer. However, as we are filming, we broadcast the event via the internet. For example, family members or guests who cannot attend a wedding ceremony can still participate by watching on their computers or HD televisions as the ceremony is taking place. It’s the next best thing to being there… but we’re not trying to compete with being there.”

“In addition to broadcasting live, we provide a video recording to our client. So in effect – they are getting a video record for a fraction of what a videographer would charge.”

In answer to my question about reasons why people would watch online, Tim explains; “Initially we thought that financial considerations would prevent people from attending a wedding. However, it turns out that health considerations are the primary reason why someone cannot be present. Relatives in poor health are the first reason why our customers us our services. The person who cannot travel can now join in the service as its happening.”

The client base has grown exponentially for the young company. Public Relations firms have embraced the concept. Rather than sending out a press release by email, PR firms are hiring Its Happening Right Now to broadcast press conferences or company announcements to that same email list; informing the media and other interested parties of the upcoming real-time broadcast.

The technicians stay in the background, making sure not to interfere. “The technology is wireless, so there are no cables present during the event. Our goal is not to touch the event – but rather to add weight to the ceremony or event.”

The company recently broadcast the dedication ceremony of Gary Carter Park in Cote St-Luc. They also broadcast an in-house contest for Insight, called Everybody’s Got Talent. The hi-tech company was able to have different locations participate via the internet. “Were really pleased that our corporate clients come back to re-purchase when they have subsequent events or press announcements – it tells us that they’re satisfied with the effectiveness of the live internet broadcasts.”

Affordability is another reason for the young company’s success. “We have options for one, two and three cameras. For example, we could do a 2 hour broadcast of an event with one camera for just $300. Plus – the client would receive a digital copy. This would be ideal for a birthday party. Our cameraman moves about the event, capturing those special moments as they happen. And then we provide the recording. “
“When we use two or more cameras, we edit for the broadcast as we go, using the best shots and different camera angles for the live feed. The recorded memento will have the same multiple camera angles, making it a really dynamic presentation.”

Tim adds; “We’re getting more and more orders from bands to record and broadcast their performances. It gives them a useful sales tool to show prospective club owners or concert promoters. They can upload our professional quality broadcast to You Tube, using it as a demo. We give them a mutlti-camera documentary-style record of their performance that is on a completely different level than for them to have a friend with a video camera record them.”

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