The Franz Group serves investors as part of
MacDougall, MacDougall & MacTier Inc.

Do you say things like this? Are you a potential client of the Franz Group?

“Jack, our financial advisor, keeps telling us that we’re going to be ok but he won’t give us the numbers to back it up. He just repeats himself.”

“I don’t know what I should do. I don’t have a plan.”

“I’m fed up. My broker wants me to move my mutual funds and I don’t because it’s going to cost a bundle in fees.”

“I never hear from my advisor and when I call, I always get voice mail.”

These investors, many of them baby boomers, want to know that they’re going to be OK. While each may be considered sophisticated with their $500,000 portfolios, they also have varying degrees of understanding and fear when it comes to matters of their money, investments, estates and taxes.

They want to be safe from those unknowns and they want to feel protected. They desperately want to have confidence that nothing is going to go wrong and that their resources will support the lifestyle they desire.

The Franz Group at 3Macs offers exactly that: confidence, trust and respect.
When clients sign up for portfolio management, a common reaction is huge relief. Relief that they have finally found a trusted advisor with a sustainable and profitable strategy.

They feel confident. It’s dramatic. “Why didn’t you tell me about you years ago?” is their question. “You guys are everything you said you would be.”

Confidence is based on getting reliable service. It is, we all agree, more important than big returns, a killer tax strategy or fancy products.

Here’s how we earn confidence:

Giving information. Every investor needs information, advice and reassurance. We disclose everything with complete candour, including how much our services cost. There are no surprises.

Telling the truth. People can take a lot of bad news if they know it’s true, and they can tolerate risk and disappointment, if they know they have the whole story. One client says: “I only watch the bottom line. I know that when I speak with you, I hear the truth.”
Demonstrating consistency. There is integrity in everything we do because we do what we say we’re going to do, all the time, every time. One client says, “I’m a lot calmer in your hands than I was before. My wife says that her life is immeasurably better!”

Communicating. Our clients tell us what they need to feel confident. We listen. More detail? More information? Never in a million years do we presume to know what clients want or that all clients are alike. Everyone is unique and goals are personal. Another client says, “I’m always skeptical about the claims of financial people. You, however, have kept every promise. All my expectations have been met. Time with you is gold.”

Providing a safe place. Clients trust us for the way we do things, in our disciplines and unique processes. They feel safe and secure. They know their plans aren’t at risk and they are confident in our way of getting them to the finish line.

We invite you to join us.
Call us at 514-394-3771.

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Minimum investment: $500,000

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